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Our Story

Here at Munts Motorsports we offer modern solutions for your classic project. We are a growing business and with every project comes a new line of products. Specializing in 1973 - 79 Ford trucks, we offer conversion brackets and kits to swap modern suspension, engines, transmissions, and interior into these classic trucks along with tools to make building your project easier.


Munts Motorsports was created from the need to save and modify classic Ford trucks. There was a need to breathe new life into neglected and forgotten trucks. The first idea was to create a bolt-on kit that would take a less desirable 2wd F250 truck and convert it to a modern 4wd truck that is desired by many. Most of the factory 4wd trucks of this era have been ridden hard and put up wet, it is hard to find one in good condition were as the 2wd were basic work trucks and were taken care of. There are plenty to choose from that make a solid start to a project. Additionally to making this easy to install kit, there are small parts along the way that have been designed to make Munts Motorsports a one stop shop for your complete project.

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